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Listbuilding – Establishing a Relationship With Your Client

So what exactly is a list?

If you’ve ever left your name and email somewhere on a website and it wasn’t to log in, then you’ve most likely added yourself to someone’s list. So it’s a collection mostly of emails and names and rarely includes postal addresses or other details.

Anyone who is serious about building an online business will gladly tell you that a list is the single most important thing to have, more important than the content of your website or it’s unique design. Because that stuff you can always restore, but

Lose a list and you’ll be sorry. Why’s that?

Well for one thing, finding customers is much more of a challenge than getting someone who is already interested in what you have to offer to come back to your website, check out the new stuff and possibly buy.

Think of it this way, someone who has left their email with you is interested in hearing what you’re up to and most likely also in what you have to sell. If you could not contact that person it would be left to be a one-time relationship. So listbuilding enables you to stay in touch with people who actually want to hear from you (permission marketing). For building your business that is really more than what you could hope for!

Why should I pester them all the time?

I hear this question all the time (yeah, even in my own head now and then). Well let me tell you this: you really shouldn’t. Instead, you want to hand them over the most compelling offers they could ever imagine. What I mean by this is, give only the most valuable information and package it in a way that is easily understood. Make your offer irresistible and interesting. Tell em’ what it’s for, why they should have it, what problem it might solve or how they might profit otherwise.

So how do I do this listbuilding thing?

There are many online services for listbuilding out there. One of the most widely known services is, which has great support and advanced features that meet the needs of serious online entrepreneurs. They offer a large variety of forms you can place on your website to collect the emails, and this is an easy process of pasting some code on a web page. You can get a free trial for a month, rates start at 19$/month.

Another one I like is Add a nice design to the emails you send out, and track who clicks where with the built in statistics tool. If you’d rather pay per campaign instead of on a monthly basis, this is probably the service of choice.

After you sign up with one of these services, you can create an email capture box and embed that on your site. This way, all visitors who sign up will be added to your ‘list’. Sending out messages will be much easier to manage and others tasks such erasing invalid email addresses and subscription/un-subscription is automated. So have fun connecting with your followers!

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